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Yury Aglyamov

Astronomy & Space Sciences


I'm a second-year graduate student working in planetary science.  So far, my research has focused on the atmosphere of Jupiter.  The giant planets' atmospheres are the deepest in the solar system (indeed those worlds can be said to be all atmosphere), with multiple cloud decks of different chemicals stacked on top of each other.  In the case of Jupiter, the microwave radiometer instrument of the Juno spacecraft has revealed even more structure to the atmosphere than was expected, particularly in the distribution of ammonia.  My research focus thus far has been interpreting those observations, as well as other phenomena in Jupiter's atmosphere such as lightning.

Before Cornell, I received my undergraduate degree from Caltech, with a B.S. in geophysics.  During that time, I did some work on the regolith of Europa and on Earth geochemistry.  Aside from research and teaching, I enjoy writing, as well as baking.


  • Astronomy

Graduate Fields

  • Astronomy and Space Sciences


Advisor: Professor Jonathan Lunine