Astronomy Graduates Network (AGN)

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The Astronomy Grads Network (AGN) serves to represent and promote the interests and visions of graduate students in the Astronomy Department and Space Sciences Building. AGN also aims to foster a sense of grad student community and to increase awareness and enthusiasm for Astronomy at Cornell and within the general public.

To these ends, it holds a variety of events each year, including a weekly Grad Student and Postdoc Seminar (often followed by an informal get-together at the "Red Barn"), ice cream socials, informal dinners with Astronomy faculty, and camping trips to nearby dark sky preserves and the Adirondacks and more.

The AGN is actively involved in organizing outreach events for the larger Ithaca community, such as the "Ask an Astronomer" and Halloween "Museum in the Dark" event (the photo shows Carl Ferkinhoff and Michael Lam making Liquid Nitrogen ice cream at 'Museum in the Dark' in 2011).


AGN Events

Here is a list of typical recurring events we have or frequent:


- Fridays 3:30pm - Room 622

Coffee Hours

- Mondays 10:00 am - Room 622: Paper discussion (VoxCharta

- Thursdays 3:30 pm - Room 105: Colloquium speaker and casual talking 

Game Night

- Wednesday nights - Room 622


- Tuesdays 8:00pm - Big Red Barn

Other events include: 

  • Fall/Spring/Summer BBQ
  • Camping trip to the Adirondacks over Fall Break
  • Panel on postdoctoral positions
  • Evening with a Professor
  • Museum in the Dark outreach program
  • Focus for Teens outreach program
  • Ask an Astronomer Live
  • 50 Hour Trivia


Current 2019-20:

  • President: Abhinav Jindal
  • Vice President: Christopher Rooney
  • Treasurers: Ross Jennings
  • Secretary: Stella Ocker
  • Field Rep: Catie Ball
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Andrew Foster
  • Vice President: Christopher Rooney
  • Treasurers: Victoria Calafut
  • Secretary: Ishan Mishra
  • Field Rep: Christian Tate
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Jack Madden
  • Vice President: Matt Hankins
  • Treasurers: Victoria Calafut and Avani Gowardhan 
  • Secretary: Andrew Foster
  • Field Rep: Marika Leitner
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Paul Corlies
  • Vice President: Sam Birch
  • Treasurer: Cody Lamarche
  • Webmaster/Secretary: Michelle Vick
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Michael Lam
  • Vice President: Yucian Hong
  • Treasurer: Thea Kozakis
  • Webmaster/Secretary: Sam Birch
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Tyler Pauly
  • Vice President: Thea Kozakis
  • Treasurer: Mike Jones
  • Webmaster/Secretary: Michael Lam
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Tyler Pauly 
  • Vice President: Mike Jones 
  • Treasurer: Eva-Maria Mueller
  • Webmaster/Secretary: Michael Lam 
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Joyce Byun
  • Vice President: Tyler Pauly
  • Treasurer: Everett Schlawin 
  • Webmaster/Secretary: Michael Lam
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Dan Tamayo 
  • Vice President: Joyce Byun
  • Treasurer: Everett Schlawin
  • Webmaster/Secretary: Patrick Lii 
  • Advisor: David Chernoff


  • President: Carl Ferkinhoff 
  • Vice President: Kassie Wells 
  • Treasurer: Betsey Adams 
  • Secretary/Webmistress: Ann Martin
  • Advisor: Jim Bell


Graduate Resources

AGN tries to keep track of the great resources Cornell and the wider community has to offer for graduate students in astronomy. This section will be updated as the resources change. Last update: 9/2018


  • Cornell's library resources specifically geared toward Astronomy Graduates! Amazing stuff here to build a solid foundation as a rising researcher (
  • Cornell offers some great resources to help improve your teaching (


Fellowships that astronomy students can apply for. Ask around for advice on applications, many graduates have applied to these in the past. 

Program Deadline Link Notes
NSF GRFP Late October

GRFP link 

GRFP 2018 link

Must be US citizen. Has outreach component.

NESSF Early February 


NESSF 2018 link



ASTAR MUREP 2018 link

Must be US citizen.
Hertz Foundation Late October Hertz link Must be US citizen. College Seniors and 1st year grads only.
Ford Foundation December Ford link US Citizen, US Nationals, US Permanent Residents, DACA, Asylum Seekers


Astrobetter is a great resource for all professional astronomers (

Astrobites is a site run by graduate students in astronomy which has some great guides for surviving in the field (

Astronomy Allies is a network of people in the field of astronomy who will help if you are faced with harassment (