Ph.D. Graduates







2022         Nicholas Kutsop

Professor Alex Hayes

"The Spectrophotometric Properties of Icy Worlds"


2022         Ishan Mishra

Professor Nikole Lewis

"Providing New Constraints on Europa's Surface Composition"

2022         Yubo Su

Professor Dong Lai

“Dynamics of Planets, Stars, and Black Hole Binaries: Tides, Spin Resonances, and Gravitational Waves”

2021         Gabriel Bonilla

Professor Saul Teukolsky

"Beyond-GR Waveform Models and Numerical Relativity"

2021         Eamonn O'Shea

Professor Saul Teukolsky

"Gravitational Waveform Modelling with Machine Learning and for Eccentric Binary Systems"

2021         Peter Rau

Professor Ira Wasserman

"Neutron Star Hydrodynamics: Multiple (Super)fluids and Quantizing Magnetic Fields"

2021         Dante Iozzo

Professor Saul Teukolsky

"Improving the Determination of Asymptotic Quantities in Numerical Spacetimes, with Application to Gravitational Waves"


2020         Victoria Calafut

Professor Rachel Bean

“Leveraging Cross-Correlations: Cosmology with the Kinematic Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect”

2020         Bonan Pu

Professor Dong Lai

“On the Dynamical Evolution of Multi-Planet Systems"
2020         Michelle Vick

Professor Dong Lai

“Going with the Flow: Tidal Evolution in Eccentric Systems”

2020         Jack Madden

Professor Lisa Kaltenegger

“The Color of Habitability”

2020         Thea Kozakis

Professor Lisa Kaltenegger

“Last Call for Life: Habitability of Terrestrial Planets Orbiting Red Giants and White Dwarfs”


Georgios Valogiannis

Professor Rachel Bean

“Testing Gravity with Cosmology: Efficient Simulations, Novel Statistics and Analytical Approaches”


2020         T.K. Daisy Leung

Professor Jim Cordes





Paul Corlies

Professor Alexander Hayes

“Emerging from the Dark Ages:  An Analysis of Clouds on Titan”

Research Assoicate at Cornell University



Cody Lamarche

Professor Gordon Stacey

“A Detailed Study Of Star Formation At Its Cosmic Peak”

Taking a postdoctoral position at the University of Toledo, working with JD Smith



Kassandra Anderson

Professor Dong Lai

“Teetering Stars and Tumultuous Orbits: Spin and Orbital Dynamics in Hot and Warm Jupiter Systems with Companions”

Spitzer fellow at Princeton



Yu-Cian Hong

Professor Jonathan Lunine

"Orbital Dynamics of Pets of Extrasolar Giant Planets"

Insight data science fellowship in NYC



Riccardo Pavesi

Professor Dominik Reichers

"An Exploration of Inter-stellar Gas and its Role in Galaxy Assembly over Cosmic Time"

Data scientist at Cruise, working on driverless cars in San Francisco.



Will Throwe

Professor Saul Teukolsky

"Numerical Methods for Exascale Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations in General Relativity"

Cornell Post Doc in Physics



Avani Gowardhan

Professor Gordon Stacey

“Star-formation Across Cosmic Time: Insight from Multi-Faceted Molecular Gas Observations”

Insight data science fellowship in Boston



Amit Vishwas


"Ground based THz Spectroscopy of Obscured Starbursts in the Early Universe enabled by ZEUS-2"

Cornell Universty



J.J. Zanazzi

Professor Dong Lai

"On the Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks"

Postdoc Fellow at CITA



Matt Hankins

Professor Terry Herter

"Exploring HII Regions and Massive Dusty Stars in the Galactic Center with SOFIA/FORCAST"




Luke Leisman

Professors Riccardo Giovanelli & Martha Haynes
"Almost Dark Galaxies in the ALFAFA Survey"

Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Valparaiso University
(Tenure-track position)



Sean Marshall

Professor Donald Campbell
"Combining Radar and Infrared Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids"

Postdoctoral Researcher, Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico



Ryan Miranda

Professor Dong Lai
"Circumbinary Accretion"

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton



Tyler Pauly

Dr. Gregory Sloan & Professor Robin Garrod
"Gas-Grain Chemical Models: Inclusion of a Grain Size Distribution and a Study Of Young Stellar Objects in the Magellanic Clouds"

Postdoctoral Researcher, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore



Dong Wang

Professor Jonathan Lunine
"Modeling the chemistry of planetary atmospheres:
Implications for the bulk comositions of giant planets"

Quantitative Consultant, JP Morgan, NYC



Robert Wharton

Professor James Cordes
"Radio Interferometric Searches for Galactic Center Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts"

Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany



Andrew Bohn

Professor Saul Teukolsky
"Toroidal event horizons and other relativistic ray tracing adventures"




Francois Hebert

Professor Saul Teukolsky
"General-relativistic neutron star evolutions with the discontinuous Galerkin method

Postdoctoral Researcher, California Institute of Technology



Michael Jones

Professors Riccard GIovanelli & Martha Haynes
"The Impact of Environment and Confusion on the Observed HI Galaxy Population"

Postdoctoral Researcher, Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia



Michael Lam

Professor James Cordes
"A Precision Pulsar Timing Gravitational Wave Detector"

Postdoctoral Researcher, West VIrginia University



Zhimeng Zhang (Z.Z.)

Professor Alexander Hayes
"Microwave observations provide clues to the origin of Saturn's main rings"

NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory



Joyce Byun

Professor Rachel Bean

"Probing The Physics Of Inflation: Searching For Non-Gaussianity In The Cosmic Microwave Background And Large-Scale Structure"

Postdoctoral Reseracher at University of Sussex



Shoshanna Cole

Professor Steven Squyres

"Petrology, Stratigraphy, And Geologic History Of Husband Hill, Gusev Crater, Mars"




Megan Comins

Dr. Marina Romanova

"Planet Migration Around Young Magnetized Stars"

Data Scientist at Pekin Insurance



Sergei Dyda

Professor Richard Lovelace & Dr. Marina Romanova

"Magnetohydrodynamics Of Accretion To Rotating Magnetized Stars"

Postdoctoral Scholar at UNLV



Jason D. Hofgartner

Professor Jonathan Lunine & Professor Alex Hayes

"Dynamic Phenomena in the Lakes  and Seas of Titan"

Postdoctoral Resrarcher at Jet Propulsion Laboratory



Marko Krco

Professor Paul Goldsmith

"Measurements And Time Evolution Of Atomic And Molecular Hydrogen In Interstellar Clouds"

Professor at York College - CUNY



Patrick Lii

Dr. Marina Romanova & Professor Richard Lovelace

"Outflows And Accretion At The Disk-Magnetosphere Boundary"




Dustin Madison

Professor James Cordes

"Efforts To Broaden And Facilitate Pulsar Timing Array Searches For Gravitational Radiation"

Jansky Fellow at National Radio Astronomy Observatory



Eva-Maria Mueller

Professor Rachel Bean

"Constraining Physics Beyond The Cosmological Standard Model

Senior Research Associate, Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation



Michael Roman

Professor Peter Gierasch

"Clouds, Hazes, And Methane In The Atmospheres Of Uranus And Neptune: An Analysis Of Spatially Resolved, Near Infrared Spectra"

University of Michigan, Astronomy, Post-Doc



Everett Schlawin

Professor Terry Herter

"Observations Of Disintegrating, Evaporating And Hot Planet Atmospheres With Transmission Spectra"

Steward Observatory/University of Arizona



Natalia Storch

Professor Dong Lai

"Spin-Orbit Coupling And Tidal Dissipation In Hot Jupiter Systems"

Postdoctoral Researcher at California Institute of Technology - Caltech



Gregory Hallenbeck

Professor Riccardo Giovanelli & Professor Martha Haynes

Resolved Gas Studies of HighMass Galaxies: Massive, Gas-Rich Galaxies in ALFALFA

Visiting Assistant Professor, Union College



Katherine Henriksson

Professor Ira Wasserman & Professor Saul Teukolsky

Solving for Black Hole-neutron Star Binary Configurations: Methods and Results




Ryan Lau

Professor Terry Herter

Probing the Extreme Environment of the Galactic Center with Observations from Sofia/Forcas




Daniel Tamayo

Professor Joseph Burns

Painting Moons: Dynamics and Consequences of Debris from the Irregular Satellites of the Giant Planets



Elizabeth (Betsey) Adams

Professor Martha Haynes

Ultra-compact High Velocity Clouds in the ALFALFA HI Survey: Local Group Galaxy Candidates

ASTRON, Groningen, Netherlands



Drew Brisbin

Professor Gordon Stacey

Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution Since z~2: Results from Multiwavelength Surveys

ALMA Postdoctoral Fellow, NRAO Charlottesville, VA



Carl Ferkinhoff

Professor Gordon Stacey

Development of the 2nd Generation z Redshift)and Early Universe Spectrometer & The Study of Far-IR Fine-Structure LineEmission in High-z Galaxies

Assistant Professor of Physics at Winona State University



James Fuller

Professor Dong Lai

Dynamical Tides and Oscillations in Stellar and Planetary Systems




Rebecca Harbison

Professor Phil Nicholson

Particle Sizes in Saturn`s Main Rings, as Revealed by Cassini-VIMS, and Dynamical Modeling of Hyperion

Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska



Daniel Hemberger

Professor Saul Teukolsky

Numerical Evolutions of Binary Black Hole Systems

Post-Doc at Caltech



Shan Huang

Professor Martha Haynes

Gas-Rich Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey: From HI Dwarfs to Giants




Manolis Papastergis

Professor Riccardo Giovanelli & Professor Martha Haynes

Statistical Analysis of ALFALFA Galaxies: Insights in Galaxy Formation & Near-field Cosmology


NOVA Postdoctoral Fellow, Kapteyn Institute, University of Groningen (Netherlands)



Wen Fu

Professor Dong Lai

Wave Dynamics of Accretion Disks and Other Rotating Astrophysical Flows

Rice University



Istvan Laszlo

Professor Rachel Bean

Probing the Dark Sector

Melbourne, Australia



Kassandra Martin-Wells

Professor Donald Campbell

Radar Polarization and Lunar Secondary Craters

Assistant Professor of Physics, Carleton College



Laura Spitler

Professor Jim Cordes

Saving Time: New Methods And Instrumentation For Radio Variability Studies

Max Planck Institute in Bonn, Germany



Nishant Argarwal

Professor Rachel Bean

Cosmic Acceleration, Past and Present

McWilliams Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University



Ryan Anderson

Professor Jim Bell

Lasers and Landing Sites:  The Geomorphology, Stratigraphy and Composition of Mars
U. S. Geological survey, Shoemaker Postdoctoral Fellow
Barbara Rojas Ayala

Professor James Lloyd

On the Metallicity of M-Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood

Visiting Scientist, American Museum of Natural History
David Bernat

Professor James Lloyd

Non-Redundant Aperture Masking Interferometry With Adaptive Optics:  Developing Higher Contrast Imaging To Test Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Evolution Models

Starlight Industries, Google
Francois Foucart

Professor Saul Teukolsky

Numerical Studies of Black Hole-Neutron Star Binaries

Postdoc, CITA
Ann Martin

Professor Martha Haynes

Neutral Hydrogen in the Local Universe: Distributions of Gas-Rich Galaxies from ALFALFA

Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Langley Research Center
Phil Murihead

Professor James Lloyd

Externally Dispersed Interferometry for Terrestrial Exoplanets Detection
Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, Boston University


Shavari Nadkarni

Professor Ira Wasserman

Modeling Non-Linear Large Scale Structures Using Lagrangian Perturbation Theory
Postdoc, S. Bose Res. Institute



Melissa Rice

Professor Jim Bell

Annals of a Former World:  The Remnants of Water At Gusev Crater and Eberswalde Crater, Mars


Postdoctoral Scholar, Geology and Planetary Science, Caltech


Julia Deneva

Professor Jim Cordes

Elusive Neutron Star Populations: Galactic Center and Intermittent Pulsars
Naval Research Laboratory


Paul Grabowski

Professor David Chernoff

Pseudospectral Calculations of Helium and the Negative Hydrogen Ion
Postdoc, Los Alamos Lab


Briony Horgan

Professor Jim Bell

Wind, Water, and The Sands Of Mars
SESE Postdoctoral Fellow, Arizona State University


Akshay Kulkarni

Dr. Marina Romanova

Rayleigh-Taylor-Unstable Accretion To and Variability of Magnetized Stars: Global Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations


Ryan Shannon

Professor Jim Cordes

Pulsars, Their Environments and the Detection of Gravitational Waves
Research Associate, Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences (CSIRO, Sydney, Australia)


Sabrina Stierwalt

Professor Riccsrdo Giovanelli & Professor Martha Hayes

Environmental Influences on Dwarf Galaxy Evolution: The Group Environment

Research scientist for the California Institute of University of Technology and NASA/IPAC.


Matiopon Tangmatitham

Professor Eanna Flanagan



Nick Taylor

Professor Saul Teukolsky

Numerical Simulation of Black Hole Binaries:  Second Order Spectral Methods



James Wray

Professor Steve Squyres

High-Resolution Studies of Aqueous Environments on Ancient Mars
Assistant Professor of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology


Steven Hailey-Dunsheath

Professor Gordon Stacey

Probing Star Formation At Low and High Redshift With Zeus, A New Submillimeter Grating Spectrometer




Abdul Hussein Kamel Mroue

Professor Saul Teukolsky

Numerical Modeling of Gravitational Waves




Thomas Oberst

Professor Gordon Stacey

Submillimeter Spectroscopy of the Carina Nebula:  Observations, Operations and Upgrades of the South Pol Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Assistant Professor of Physics, Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA


Patrick Taylor

Professor Jean-Luc Margot

Tidal interactions in Binary Asteroid Systems 
Research Associate, Arecibo Observ.



David Tsang

Professor Dong Lai

Global Instabilities of Accretion Disks
Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech


Yanling Wu

Professor James Houck

A Mid-Infrared Study of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Senior Associate Consultant, Mars & Co (Stamford, CT)



Ruxandra Bondarescu

Professor Saul Teukolsky

Spin Evolution of Neutron Stars:  Nonlinear Development of the R-mode Instability
ITP, Univ. Zurich
2008         Shannon Gutenkunst

Professor James Houck

Tracing Abundances in Galaxies With the Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectrograph
Freelance Scientific Editor, Crimson Interactive Pvt.Ltd, Santa Fe, NM
2008         Tanja Hinderer

Professor Eanna Flanagan

Gravitational Waves From Binary Neutron Stars and Test Particle Inspirals Into Black Holes
2008         Suniti Karunatillake

Professor Steven Squyres

A Chemical Odyssey on the Martian Surface

Assistant Professor of Physics, Rider University
2008         Brian Kent

Professor Riccardo Giovanelli

Toward the Virgo Cluster: On the Study of Neutral Hydrogen in the Local Universe
Scientific Staff Member, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
2008         Richard Kipphorn    



Min Long

Dr. Marina Romanova

Disk Accretion to Rotating Magnetized Stars: Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations
Flash Center, Univ. of Chicago
2008         Andrew Lundgren

Professor Eanna Flanagan

Topics in theoretical Gravity



Zachary Medin

Professor Dong Lai

Matter and Radiation in the Strong Magnetic Fields of Neutron Stars




Ryan Yamada



2007         Taner Akgun

Professor Ira Wasserman

Precession of Neutron Stars
2007         Marc Berthoud

Professor Terry Herter

CO Emission From the Inner Disk Around Intermediate-Mass Stars

2007         John Karcz (Physics)

Professor David Chernoff

First-Principles Examination of Molecule Formation in Interstellar Grains

2007         Jason Marshall

Professor Terry Herter

The Decomposition of Dusty Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions

2007         Jagadeep Pandian

Professor Paul Goldsmith

6.7 GHz Methanol Masers: Properties, Associations and Tracers of Galactic Structure

2007         Patrico Rojo

Professor Peter Gierasch

Transit Spectroscopy of the Extrasolar Planet HD209458b

2007         David Rothstein

Professor Richard Lovelace

The Weather Around Black Holes: Accretion Disk and Jet Evolution In GRS 1915+105 and Other Systems

2007         Amelie Saintonge

Professor Riccardo Giovanelli

Properties of Low Mass Dwarf Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey

2007         Britt Scharringhausen

Professor Philp Nicholson

A Photometric Model of the Inclined F Ring of Saturn

2007         Akiko Shirakawa (Physics)

Professor Dong Lai

Topics in Theoretical Astrophysics:  Precession of Warped Disks, Oscillations of Presupernova Stars, and Thermal Evolution and Nucleosynthesis of Young Neutron Stars

2007         Jason Soderblom

Professor James Bell

Properties of Martian Soils, Rocks, and Atmospheric Dust Derived From Analysis of Hubble Space Telescope and Mars Exploration Rover Data

Research Scientist, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT

2007         Matt Van Adelsberg

Professor Dong Lai

Thermal Radiation From Isolated Neutron Stars: Spectra and Polarizations

2007         Riva (Ali) Vanderveld (Physics)

Professor Ira Wassermsn

Systematic Effects of Local Large Scale Structure on the Measured Expansion History of the Universe

2006         Marc Favata

Professor Eanna Flanagan

Kicking Black Holes, Crushing Neutron Stars, and the Validity of the Adiabatic Approximation For Extreme-Mass-Ratio Inspirals


2006         Elise Furlan

Professor Terry Herter

Properties and Evolution of Circumstellar Disks and Envelopes Around Young, Low-Mass Stars in the Taurus Star-Forming Region

2006         Timothy McConnochie

Professor James Bell

Observations of the Martian Atmosphere : THEMIS-VIS Calibration, Mesospheric Clouds, and the Polar Vortex

2006         Christopher Springob

Professor Martha Haynes

Cosmological Applications of HI Spectral Line Surveys

2006         Mark Wyman (Physics)

Professor Ira Wasserman

Cosmic Superstrings:  Observable Remnants of Brane Inflation

2005         Katheryn Becker

Professor James Cordes

Courting Serendipity:  The Search For Transient Radio Signals


Jeandrew Brink (Physics Student)

Professors Teukolsky & Wasserman

A Nonlinear Coupling Network to Capture the R-Mode Instability in Neutron Stars

2005         Joseph Carson

Professors Eikenberry & Houck

The Cornell High-Order Adaptive Optics Survey for Brown Dwarf Companions and Related Instrumentation Studies for Brown Dwarf Research


Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy at College of Charleston

2005         Lynn Carter

Professor Donald Campbell

Investigating Mantling Deposits On Venus and Regoliths On Asteroids Using Radar Polarimetry

Associate Professor, Lunar and Planetory Laboratory,  Arizona

Barbara Catinella

Professor Martha Haynes

Internal Kinematics of Disk Galaxies in the Local Universe

Assistant Professor, ICRAR

Matija Cuk

Professor Joseph Burns

Dynamics and Origin of the Irregular Satellites of the Giant Planets

Research Scientist, SETI


Steven Drasco (Physics Student)

Professor Eanna Flanagan

Detecting Non-Gaussian Stochastic Signals and Gravitational Radiation From Test Particles Bound to Back holes

2005         Lucy Lim

Professor Steven Squyres

Asteroid Spectroscopy: I. A Thermal Infrared Survey of Asteroids II. X-Ray Fluroescence Spectroscopy of 433 EROS

Astrochemist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2005         Karen Masters

Professor Martha Haynes

Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth (UK)
NEWS: Dr Karen Masters wins Women of the Future award

Associate Professor, Haverford College

Etienne Racine (Physics Student)

Professor Eanna Flanagan

Aspects of The Motion of Extended Bodies in the Post-Newtonian Approximation To General Relativity


Bjoern Schmekel (Physics Student)

Professors Wassermand & Lovelace

Collisionless Beam-Radiation Processes in the Laboratory and Astrophysics


Kristine Spekkens

Professor Riccardo Giovanelli

Testing Cold Dark Matter Paradigm Predictions with Disk Galaxy Dynamics

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Royal Military College of Canada

2004         Valerio Carruba

Professor Joseph Burns

Dynamics of Asteroid Families and Irregular Satellites of Jovian Planets

Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sao Paulo State University

2004         Dae-Sik Moon

Professors Ekenberry & Houck

Instrument Development for High-Speed Infrared and Optical Photometry and Observational Studies of Pulsars

Associate Professor, Department of Astronomy, University of Toronto


Eldar Noe Dobrea

Professor James Bell

Spectroscopic Searches for Water Alteration Products on Mars

Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute


Shamibrata Chatterjee

Professor James Cordes

Neutron Star Kinematics:Pulsar Parallaxes, Bowshock Nebulae & Interstellar Medium

Research  Professor, Proncipal Research Scientist, Department of Astronomy, Cornell University


2003         Wynn Ho

Professor Dong Lai

Thermal Radiation from the Atmospheres of Magnetic Neutron Stars

Research Associate, Haverford College
2003         Harald Pfeiffer

Professor Saul Teukolsky

Initial Data For Black Hole Evolutions

Professor, Max  Planck Institute
2002         Jeremiah Darling

Professor Riccardo Giovanelli

The Arecibo OH Megamaser Survey

Professor, University of Colorado (Boulder)
2002         Paul Rene Estrada

Professor Steven Squyres

Formation of Satellites Around Gas Giant Planets

2002         Di Li

Professor Paul Goldsmith

Massive Cores in the Orion Molecular Cloud

Professor,  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2001         Charles Bradford

Professor Gordon Stacey

The Warm, Dense Gas in the Central Two Parsecs of the Galaxy: Observations with SPIFI, a New Direct-Detection Submillimeter Spectrometer

Research Scientist, JPL/Caltech
2001         David Kornreich

Professor Martha Haynes

Asymmetric Morphology and Dynamics in Spiral Galaxies

2001         Maura McLaughlin    
2001         John-David Smith    

Katrin Hagemann

2000         Walter Landry    
2000         Colleen McGee    
2000         Julie Rathbun    
1999         Jean-Luc Margot    
1999         Stephen Rinehart    
1998         Daniel Dale    
1998         James Lombardi    
1998         Jeff Moresch    
1998         Morten Nielsen    
1997         Gregory Black    
1997         Katherine Jore    
1997         Joseph Lazio    
1997         Pascal Lee    
1997         Tyler Nordgren    
1997         Marco Scodeggio    
1997         Susan Stolovoy    
1997         Peter Wilson    
1996         Brett Gladman    
1996         Arsen Hajian    

Lev Nayvelt

1996         Michael L. Rilee    
1996         Mark Scheel    
1996         Liese Van Zee    
1996         Debra Wolkovitch    
1995         Mathew Ashby    
1995         Matthew Class    

Sergio Gelato


Ignacio Mosqueira

1995         Denise Smith    
1995         Nikole Voght    

Alexandre Zepka


Jayaram Chengalur

1994         Tracey Evans    

Jules Goldspiel

1994         Douglas Hamilton    
1994         Robert Corby Hovis    
1994         David Jankowski    
1994         Dong Lai

Professors Shapiro/Salpeter

Hydrodynamical Processes in Coalescing Binary Stars

Professor of Astronomy, Cornell University

1994         Scott Lundgren Professor James Cordes  
1994         John Miles Professor James Houck  
1994         Amy Miran    
1994         Michael Doyle Smith    
1993         John Hillier Professor Joseph Veverka  
1993         Christopher Koresko    
1993         Nan-Yao Lu Professor Edwin Salpeter  
1993         Samuel Megeath Professor Terry Herter  
1993         Nicholas Stacy Professor Tor Hagfors  
1992         John Contopoulos Professor Richard Lovelace  
1991         Lars Bildsten

Professors Salpeter/Wasserman

Destruction & Excitation of Accretion Nuclei in Neutron Star Atmospheres:  Gamma-Ray Lines and X-Ray Burst

1991         Michael Blaskiewicz Professor James Cordes  
1991         Christopher Chyba

Professor Carl Sagan

Extraterrestrial Organic Molecules, The Heavy Bombardment, and The Terrestrial Origins of Life


1991         Andrew Clegg

Professor James Cordes

Radio Frequency Investigations of the Interstellar Medium


1991         Maren Cooke    
1991         Brett Isham

Professor Tor Hagfors

Professor, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico

1991         James Anthony Phillips Professor Tor Hagfors  
1991         Frederic Rasio Professors Shapiro and Teukolsky  
1991         Neil Rowlands Professor James Cordes  
1991         Anne Verbiscer Professor Joseph Veverka  
1990         Wolfram Freudling Professor Martha Haynes  
1990         Thomas Herbst Professor Steven Beckwith  
1990         Robert Kolvoord Professor Joseph Burns  
1990         Christopher Magri Professor Martha Haynes  
1990         Hugo Martel Professor Ira Wasserman  
1990         Andrew Weir Professor Peter Gierasch  
1989         Robert Jaquin    
1989         Gerald Quinlan Professors Shapiro,Salpeter & Teukolsky  
1989         Leslie Schaffer Professor Joseph Burns  
1988         Paul Graff    
1988         Loren Petrich Professors Shapiro & Teukolsky  

Alexander Pidwerbetsky


Inge Thiering


John Chi Lin Wang

Professors Wasserman & Salpeter  
1987         Michael Bicay    
1987         Wolfram Birkmayer    
1987         Perry Hacking    
1987         Guy Scott Miller    
1987         Joan Schmelz    
1987         Damon Simonelli    
1987         Michael Skrutskie    
1986         Sean Colgan    
1986         Edvige Corbelli    
1986         William Deich    
1986         Robert Duncan Jr.    
1986         Stephen Schneider    
1986         Paul Viscuso    
1985         Nathaniel Cohen    
1985         Terrance Gaetz    
1985         Julio Magalhaes    
1985         Mark Showalter    
1985         Mark Shure    
1985         John Simonetti    
1985         Gordon Stacey

Professor Martin Harwit

Far-Infrared Line Emission From the Galaxy

Professor of Astronomy, Cornell University

1984         Steven Wendell Lee    
1984         W. Reed Thompson

Professor Carl Sagan

A Physical and Chemical Study of Titan:  Atmosphere, Clouds and Hazes

1983         Bonnie Buratti    
1983         Rida Farouki    
1983         Glenn Lysle Hoffman, Jr.    
1982         Barbara Burns    
1982         Paul Schinder    
1982         Daniel Stinebring    
1982         Bruce Thompson    
1981         Jay Gougen    
1981         Dayton Jones    
1981         Joel Macauslan    
1981         Gary Melnick    
1981         Harry Payne    
1981         Thomas Roellig    
1981         Gary Slater    
1981         Steven Squyres

Professor Joseph Veverka

The Morphology and Evolution of Ganymede and Callistro

1980         Michael Burns

Theory of Electron-Positron Showers in Double Radio Sources

1980         Linda French

Photometric Properties of Carbonaceous Chondrites and Related Materials

1980         George Helou

Virgo Cluster Galaxies:  Neutral Hydrogen Studies

1980         Robert Hohlfed

On the Stability and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies:  Considerations On The Axisymmetric Background

1980         Alan Merchant

Star Clusters Containing Massive, Central Black Holes:  Evolution Calculations

1980         John McCarthy

Airborne Infrared Spectroscopy of Ionized Hydrogen Regions and the Galactic Center

1979         Patrick J. Clark

Thermal Radio Emission From Normal Spiral Galaxies

1979         John Connerney

Deep Crustal Electrical Conductivity in the Adirondacks

1979         Gordon Gullahorn

Pulsar Timing Results From Arecibo Observatory

1979         William Newman

Late-Stage Evolution of Supernova Remnants

1978         Richard Bogart

Dynamics of The Solar Convective Envelope

1978         Bruce Draine

Topics in the Physics of Interstellar Grains

1978         Edward Dunham

Occultation Studies of Planets and Satellites

1978         Howard Houben

Tidal Dissipation in the Solar System and the Possibility of Tidally-Driven Planetary Magnetic Dynamos

1978         Nathan Krumm

A Study of Neutral Hydrogen in Early-Type Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster

1978         Steven Peterson

A Study of Binary Galaxies:  Total Mass and the Ratio of Mass-To-Luminosity

1978         Peter Silvergate

Radio Recombination Lines from HII Regions

1978         Peter Thomas

Professors Bloom & Veverka

The Morphology of Phobos and Deimos

1977         John Dickey

Studies of Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen at Twenty-One Centimeter Wavelength

1977         Richard Gordon French

On The Theory and Analysis of Occultation Light Curves

1977         David Gilman

Low Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy From Apollo 16

1977         Michael Jacobson

Far-Infrared Photometry With An 0.4-Meter Liquid Helium Cooled Balloon-Borne Telescope

1977         Kathy Rages

Atmospheric Red Chromophores in the Outer Solar System

1977         Robert Reed

The 16 to 40 Micron Spectra of Jupiter and Venus

1977         Richard Saenz

Relativity and Neutron Stars:  I.  The Maximum Mass of Neutron Stars [and] II. Gravitational Waves From Stellar Collapse

1977         Peter Silvaggio

Experimental Determination of Molecular Absorption Coefficients for Methane and Ammonia at Low Temperatures and Model Atmospheres for the Major Planets

1977         Ming -Hing Tai

A Practical Hadamard Transform Spectrometer for Astronomical Application

1977         Peter Vitello

Hydrodynamic Studies in Astrophysics:  I.  Relativistic Expanding Non-Thermal Radio Sources; II. Optically Thick Accretion Near the Eddington Limit

1977         Richard Weaver

Considerations on Dense Matter in Astrophysics

1976         Daniel Briotta

Rocket Infrared Spectroscopy of the Zodiacal Dust Cloud

Retired, Ithaca College
1976         Brian Dennison

Astronomical Polarization Studies at Radio and Infrared Wavelengths

1976         Dale Pleticha

Analysis and Application of A Multi-Beam Radio Astronomy Survey

1976         William Rossow

The Physics of Clouds:  Applications To Other Planets

1976         David John Stevenson

The Interior of Jupiter


1976         Mark Strickman

Variability of High Energy Radiation From the Crab Pulsar, NP 532

1976         Dennis Ward

Far Infrared Spectroscopy of HII Regions

1976         Gregory Williams

Electrodynamics and the Moon -- Transport Processes

1975         John Durdin

The Analysis and Interpretation of Multi-Beam Radio Survey Data

1975         Richard Lawrence French

Dynamical Models of Dust-Filled Planetary Nebulae

1975         Michael Noland

Photometric Studies of Phobos, Deimos, and the Satellites of Saturn

1975         David Schaak

Infrared Astronomical Spectroscopy From High Altitude Aircraft

1975         Owen Brian Toon

Climatic Change on the Earth and Mars


Franklin Humprehy Briggs IV

Radio Interferometer Studies of Solar System objects

1974         Murray F. Campbell

High Energy Gamma-Ray Survey of Cygnus and Cassiopeia

1974         Robert Malone

Cooling of Superfluid Neutron Stars

1973         Arnold Benz

Acceleration of Solar Wind Protons and heavy Ions


Valetin Boriakoff

Pulsar Radio Frequency Observations With A Digital Pulsar Processor

1973         John Comella

Average Radio Spectra of Pulsars


George Ioannidis

The Application of Barker Coded Pulses

1973         Jonathan Katz

Models of Compact X-Ray Sources


Thomas McConough

The Solar Wind, The Interstellar Medium, and Jupiter


Vernon Pankonin

Decimeter-Wavelength Studies of Hydrogen and Carbon Recombination Lines Toward Galactic Nebulae

1973         Perry Phillips

Hadamard Transform Spectroscopy for Far Infrared Astronomical Observations

1973         Ernest Scharlemann

Aligned Rotating Magnetospheres

1973         Kevin Suffern

Appearance of Relativistic Stellar Systems

1973         Lawrence Wasserman

Studies of Planetary Atmospheres BY Stellar Occulations

1972         Arnold Benz


The Acceleration of Solar Wind Protons and Heavy Ions

1972         James Condon

Decimetric Spectra of Extragalactic Radio Sources

1972         Linda DeNoyer

Radio Continuum and 2 Cm Hydrogen Line Observations of Galactic Supernova Remnants

1972         Jon Hagen

A Hybrid Autocorrelator and Its Application to High Altitude Incoherent Scatter

1972         Victor Mansfield

Evolution and Structure of HII Regions

1972         Robert Reilinger

Angular and Energy Resolution In Gamma Ray Telescopes

1972         David Richards

Absolute Timing of Twelve Pulsars

1972         B. Thomas Soifer

Rocket Infrared Multicolor Observations of the Interplanetary Medium, HII Regions, and the Galactic Center Region

1972         Laird Whitehill

Solar System Applications of MIE Theory and of Radiative Transfer of Polarized Light

1971         Donald Backer

Radio Intensity Fluctuations in Pulsars

1971         Bruce Balick

Fine Structure in HII Regions

1971         Donald Campbell

Radar Interferometric Observations of Venus

Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, Cornell University

1971         Juan Antonio Castro

Study of a Possible Correlation Between Quasi-Stellar Objects and Rich Clusters of Galaxies

1971         Theodore Gull

Observations of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen and Measurements of Hydrogen and Helium Fluxes From Planetary Nebulae

1971         Paul Joss

Carbon-Rich Stars With Helium Envelopes

1971         Arthur Niell

Flux Densities and Spectra of Extragalactic Radio Sources

1971         Alan Parrish

Meter Wavelength Observations of Galactic Radio Sources and the Galactic Disk Radiation

1971         Judith Pipher

Rocket Submillimeter Observations of the Galaxy and Background

1971         Steven Soter

Studies of Terrestrial Planets

1971         Gustave Zeissig

Observations and Analysis of Interplanetary Scintillation

1970         Allen Boozer

Late Stages of Stellar Evolution Carbon-Oxygen Stars and Neutron Stars

1970         Harold D. Craft, Jr.

Radio Observations of the Pulse Profiles and Dispersion Measures of Twelve Pulsars

VP Emeritus, Exec. Vice Pres., Sr. University Consultant, Cornell Univ.

1970         Kris David Davidson

Photoionizaton of Gas Clouds by Non-Thermal Radiation Spectra

1970         Hee-Jae Lee

Wave-Particle Interaction in Whistler Mode Wave Packet - A Computer Study

1970         Richard V. E. Lovelace

Theory and Analysis of Interplanetary Scintillations

Professor Emeritus of Applied Engineering Physics & Astronomy, Cornell University

1969         David Hollenbach

Physical Adsorption and the Molecular Hydrogen Densities of Interstellar Clouds

1968         Alfred Dunklee

Experiment To Measure Secondary Ion-Electron Emission on Dielectrics

1968         James Henshaw

Simulating Comet Orbits With an N-Body Program

1968         Raymond Jurgens

A Study of the Average and Anomalous Radar Scattering From the Surface of Venus at 70 Cm Wavelength

1968         John Lease

Bolometers For infrared Astronomy

1968         Thomas Manwell

Error Analysis For A Chopper-Modulated Infra-Red Detection System

1968         Perry G. Phillips

A Multislit Grating Spectrometer

1968         Michael Werner

Observations of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen

1967         Giles Beaudet

Carbon Burning Stars

1967         David DeYoung

Stellar Collisions and the Evolution Energetic Extragalactic Objects

1967         Franco Einaudi

Higher Approximation in the Theory of Longitudinal Plasma Oscillation

1967         Robert C. Newman

Some Problems In Cosmic Gas Dynamics


Giovanni Emillo Perona

Problems In Macroscopi and Kinetic Plasma Theory


Vahe Petrosian

Photoneutrino and Other Neutrino Processes in Astrophysics


Michal Simon

Problems In High Energy Astrophysics

1967         C. Bruce Tarter

Radiative Transfer in A Gas Excited By X-Rays

1966         A.B. Friedland

Adiabatic Invariant Trapped Radiation Shells and Cosmic Ray Cutoffs in Models of the Magnetosphere Distorted By the Solar Wind Plasma

1966         Edward Jenkins

The Interpretation of Atmospheric Fluorescence Signals From Multijoule Cosmic Ray Air Showers

1966         Leonard Solomon

Study of Flare Stars

1966         George Thome

Study of Large-Scale Traveling Disturbances in the Ionosphere Using the Arecibo UHF Radar

1965         Philip Fanson

Noise Analysis of Correlation Using Phase Detectors With Application To 430 MC/S Polarimeter

1965         J. E.Felten

Inverse Compton Photons, Cosmic Electrons, and Related Problems in Particle Astrophysics

1965         Harry Hardebeck

Radiometric Observations of Jupiter, Venus and Mars at 430 MC/S

1965         Stanton Pole

The Dust Belt of The Earth

1965         T. W. Thompson

A Study of Radar-Scattering Behavior of Lunar Craters at 70 CM

1965         Hugh Van Horn

Nuclear Reaction Rates in Extremely Dense Matter

1963         H. C. Carlson, Jr.

Ionospheric Characteristic Parameters to 10,000 Km

1963         Peter Goldreich

Secular Changes in the Solar Systems

1963         Robert Gould

The Interstellar Abundance of the Hydrogen Molecule

1962         Martin Dwarkin

Professor Thomas Gold

Masters Degree - Magnetic Effects of Geomagnetically Trapped Particles

1962         Stanton Peale

Professor Thomas Gold

Masters Degree - Plasma Sheaths and Their Effects On Antennas

1961         Richard Fritz

Professor Cohen

Masters Degree -  Measurement of Faraday Dispersion in Type II Solar Events

1960         Benny Klock

Reticles For the Photoelectric Recording of Stellar Transits

1960         Mumtaz Zaidi

Professor Edwin Salpeter

Lamb Shift Excitation Energy In the Ground State of The Helium Atom

1958         Joseph Bird

Professor Edwin Salpeter

Massive Condensations in Interstellar Matter and Stellar Associations

1956         Gian-Carlo Rumni

Professor Benjamin Nichols

VHF Radar Echoes Associated With Atmospheric Phenomena

1955         Betty Mintz

Determination of Terrestrial Position By Fixed Altitude Observations of the Stars

1954         Carl Greifinger

Professor Edwin Salpeter

Mass Corrections to the Hyperfine Structure of Deuterium

1953         Jack Goldstein

Professor Edwin Salpeter

Properties of Bound State Solutions To The Relativistic Two-Body Equation

1952         William Newcomb

Professor Edwin Salpeter

Hyperfine Structure in Hydrogen and Deuterium


1951         Vera Rubin

Evidence For A Rotating Universe As Determined From An Analysis of Radial Velocities of External Galaxies


Ernest K. Smith, Jr.

The Sporadic E Region of the Ionosphere and Its Effect Upon Television

1951         George Thome

A Study of Large-Scale Traveling Disturbances In The Ionosphere Using The Arecibo UHF Radar