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Friends of Astronomy

In 1992 the Department officially inaugurated a group called "Friends of Astronomy" composed mostly of Cornell alumni and friends. This has been a very happy experience with significant interaction between the department and our friends in the wider world.

Anyone with an interest in all things astronomical here at Cornell is welcome to join the Friends of Astronomy group.  If interested in finding out more about the group, write to

Upcoming Events:

  • Wed, Jan 25: "Europa in our backyard"
    Europa is the smallest of the 4 moons discovered by Galileo but the 6th largest moon in the Solar System. It is slightly smaller than the Earth's Moon and is covered by a water-ice crust. Might there be life on Europa? Professor Brittney Schmidt and her Planetary Habitability and Technology lab team will tell us about their work exploring the waters under the Antarctic ice sheet using a robotic submarine and their plans for using ice-penetrating radar on NASA's Europa Clipper mission scheduled for launch in 2024.

  • Wed, Feb 22: "Extreme planetary systems"

  • Tue, Mar 21: "The Big Bang: What we know, don't know, and can't know"

  • Wed, Apr 19: "Alien Earths and how to find them"

  • Tue, May 23: "Images of discovery and wonder: A history of NASA research and public engagement at SPIF"

Note: To receive the Zoom link, you will need to write to

Hope to see you there!