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Trevor Foote

Astronomy & Space Sciences

Trevor Foote

Space Sciences Building, Room 324


Second-year graduate student interested in analyzing exoplanet atmospheres, specifically to identify potentially habitable planets and detecting bio-signatures.

Received bachelor's degrees from Washington State University, one in Civil Engineering in 2011 and one more recently in Astrophysics (2019).  While working toward my second bachelor's, I worked with Dr. Guy Worthey looking at Type Ia Supernovae (SN Ia) and whether their distance from their host galaxy plays a role in their maximum luminosity as a potential way to explain discrepancy between SN Ia and CMB communities' Hubble constant calculations. 

Outside the department, I enjoy working out, playing ultimate frisbee, and most any activity outdoors.  I also like to keep my construction skills sharp through weekend home projects and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.



  • Carl Sagan Institute
  • Astronomy


Advisor: Professor Nikole Lewis