Peter J. Gierasch

Professor Emeritus

Research Focus

Peter Gierasch's research is on the dynamics and thermal structure of planetary atmospheres. The general objective is to advance understanding in atmospheric science by studying the range of behaviors exhibited on the different planets. Topics of particular interest to him are the zonal jets of Jupiter and Saturn, the cloud structure and energy balance of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, the general circulation and strong super rotation of the atmosphere of Venus, and Martian atmospheric dust and its influence on climate. This work depends on data from spacecraft. Gierasch has been involved in the NASA Viking orbiter-lander mission to Mars, the Pioneer Venus mission, and the Voyager flybys of the outer planets. He was an interdisciplinary scientist on the Galileo orbiter-probe mission to Jupiter and is a member of the infrared spectroscopy experiment on the Cassini Saturn orbiter and Titan probe mission. Gierasch participates in planning of observations, in data analysis, and in interpretation, including modeling. During the next few years his research will focus on data analysis from the Galileo and Cassini missions, and onthe theorectical work concerning the thermodynamics and stability of flows on the outer planets.


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