Megan Barrington

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences


I came to Cornell in Fall 2018 with the intent to be a part of the Mastcam-Z camera calibrations team under the advisorship of Alex Hayes. I am also involved in field expeditions using Cornell’s own Mastcam-Z analog, MASI (Mastcam-Z Analog Spectral Imager) to evaluate the capabilities of Mastcam-Z before arrival on the surface of Mars. One final project I am working on is compiling, quantifying and analyzing decameter scale changes on the surface of comet 67P with the hopes of better understanding the evolution of comet morphology over time.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Astrogeophysics (B. A.) from Colgate University, where I performed research with Prof. Jeff Bary which investigated the dynamics and evolution of the binary T Tauri star system DQ Tau using spectroscopic methods.

Research Focus

Advisor: Professor Alex Hayes