J.T. Laune

Astronomy & Space Sciences


I joined the Cornell Astronomy Department in Fall 2019 and began to work with Professor Dong Lai on orbital dynamics. I am currently studying the outcome of disk-driven convergent migration into mean-motion resonances. My broad research interests include how protoplanetary disks can affect the evolution of early planetary systems and reveal clues about planet formation.

Before Cornell, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago in Physics (B.A.) and Mathematics (B.S). At UChicago, I was a member of the Flash Center for Computational Science, where I worked on proton radiography and laser plasma simulations with Professors Petros Tzeferacos and Don Lamb. Over the summers, I worked with Dr. Hui Li at the Los Alamos National Laboratory studying how dust coagulation affects ring morphology in protoplanetary disks.

Research Focus

Advisor: Professor Dong Lai