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John (J.J.) Zanazzi

Astronomy & Space Sciences


Hi there!  I am a fifth year graduate student working with Prof. Dong Lai in the area of Theoretical Astrophysics.  I study dynamics in general, mainly of protoplanetary disks, but also of exoplanets, black holes, and neutron stars.  I have also done a bit of work related to geophysics.  My main research goal is to understand what astrophysical processes shaped the extra-solar planetary systems we see today.

I received my undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University, with a merged B.S. degree in Physics & Astronomy, and a B.S. in Mathematics.  I spent time doing undergraduate research at the University of California Davis (theoretical cosmology), Pennsylvania State University (dynamical systems), and Wayne State University (experimental nuclear physics), and participated in two semester-long mathematics study abroad programs at Pennsylvania State University and the Independent University of Moscow (in Russia).

In my free time, I enjoy playing percussion (drum-set, djembe, congas, etc.), running, repetitively lifting heavy things, and doing anything related to music.


  • Astronomy

Graduate Fields

  • Astronomy and Space Sciences


  • John Zanazzi. A short proof of Klee’s theorem. Discrete Mathematics, 314 (2014),pp. 14-16.