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Janosz Dewberry

Visiting Research Associate

Janosz Dewberry



 I am a postdoctoral researcher working in theoretical astrophysics at the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute and Cornell University. I specialize in astrophysical applications of fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, and I'm particularly interested in the dynamics of accretion disks, planets and stars. I also like snowboarding, yoga and rock climbing.


  • Astronomy


Accretion disk dynamics

Accretion disks fuel very bright emission from compact objects, and facilitate the growth of planets orbiting around young stars. I focus on the oscillations and instabilities of eccentric accretion disks with elliptical streamlines.

Stellar and planetary oscillations

The pulsations of stars and gaseous planets provide the most direct insight into their interior structure. I study the effects of rapid rotation on such oscillations.