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Ishan Mishra

Astronomy & Space Sciences


Hello! I am a second year graduate student currently working with Prof. Jonathan Lunine on modelling reflectance spectra of Europa and Prof. Lisa Kaltenegger on modelling spectra from Earth-like planets around different stars. My primary area of interest is Planetary Science, specifically research problems related to Astrobiology like habitable environments and detecting bio-signatures from potentially habitable Exoplanets and Icy Moons in the outer Solar System.

I graduated in 2016 from the Indian Institute of Technology (Guwahati) with a major in Electronics and Communications Engineering, but decided to move to Astronomy/Planetary science to follow my natural interests. My experience with the field prior to graduate school was mainly through a few internships/REUs where I worked on various topics involving Open Clusters, Main Belt Comets, Citizen Science and the Radial Velocity method for detecting exoplanets.

Apart from the science, I like to spend time listening to music and playing guitar and bass. I also enjoy hiking and exploring the wonderful natural areas in and around Ithaca. 


  • Astronomy
  • Carl Sagan Institute

Graduate Fields

  • Astronomy and Space Sciences


Advisor: Professor Jonathan Lunine


'Disintegration of the Aged Open Cluster Berkeley-17', Bhattacharya, S., Mishra, I., Vaidya, K., & Chen, W.-P. 2017, ApJ, 847, 138