Elijah Mullens

Astronomy & Space Sciences


I am a second-year graduate student interested in the characterization of exoplanets via atmospheric retrievals. I am specifically interested in cloud modelling and characterizing cloud properties from the transmission, emission, and reflection spectra of Hot Jupiters and Brown Dwarfs. My favorite exoplanet is WD 1856b! 

I grew up in the panhandle of Florida and received a B.S. in Mathematics, Physics, and Astrophysics (with a minor in Japanese) from the University of Florida in 2021. My undergraduate research focused on a variety of topics from building instrumentation to detect life on Europa (University of Florida), the evolution of planetary bodies around post-MS stars (Nagoya University), and analyzing how 3D dust structure maps of the ISM map on to the physical conditions of gas (Space Telescope Science Institute).   

During my gap year I volunteered with a multitude of local science outreach and DEI groups. I was also active in a marine preservation and education group. One of the best experiences I had was working as a planetarium instructor where I gave talks and demonstrations to young students and the general public on topics ranging from local astronomy to the basics of general relativity.   

I like spending my free time with my dog and cat, cooking, and reading books/comic books.