Postdoc Spotlight: Eileen Gonzales

Eileen Gonzales is a postdoc in astronomy from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She holds a Ph.D. from the City University of New York Graduate Center, and her research at Cornell focuses on brown dwarfs and the atmospheres of giant planets beyond our solar system. She is a recipient of a Postdoc Achievement Award for Excellence in Leadership as part of Cornell’s celebration of National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2022.

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Artist's representation of AT2022tsd.
Artist’s representation of AT2022tsd, an explosion in a distant galaxy. The image shows one possible explanation: a black hole accreting matter from a disk and powering a jet. Variation in the jet's direction could produce the observed rapid flashes. Robert L. Hurt/Caltech/IPAC

With unprecedented flares, stellar corpse shows signs of life

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Eileen Gonzales
Eileen Gonzales