'Cornell has taught me discipline and persistence’

Thu, 04/25/2019

Karen Perez


Houston, TX

What was your favorite class and why?

My favorite class was Astro 4410, the Experimental Astronomy lab. This lab introduced me to radio astronomy, which exposed me to various data gathering and analysis techniques, as well as the unique opportunity to use the radio antenna above the Space Sciences Building and the Hartung Boothroyd Observatory.

What is your main extracurricular activity--why is it important to you?

My main extracurricular activity is the Cornell Astronomical Society (CAS). I have been a member of this organization since freshman year, running the Open Houses at Fuertes Observatory every Friday night. This has given me the opportunity to inspire others, especially young kids. People generally don't take time to think about what lies beyond us, and seeing people gasp in awe at seeing a galaxy millions of light-years away or the rings of Saturn for the first time reminds me of how important it is to share astronomy with others. 

How have you changed since you first arrived at Cornell? What have you discovered about yourself?

Cornell has taught me discipline and persistence, specifically in coursework, and has made me more confident in my abilities. 

   Karen Perez