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Kathryn Chapman

Astronomy & Space Sciences


I'm a first-year graduate student looking to focus on cosmology. Topics of interest include the cosmic microwave background, galaxy evolution, QFT, and astrostatistics.

I have an undergraduate degree in Astronomy-Physics from Colgate University, where I worked with Professor Patrick Crotty. I completed an honors thesis on simulating the production of superheavy dark matter during inflation. Some of the most rewarding aspects of college were doing outreach at the Foggy Bottom Observatory, tutoring astronomy and physics classes, and mentoring students. 

I spent the last year as a post-bac at Los Alamos National Lab splitting my time between creating predictive gamma-ray sky maps for the Lunar Occultation eXplorer (LOX) mission concept and parametrizing simulations of type Ia supernova light curves, working backwards from the data to the physics to find observational signatures across UVOIR and gamma-ray energy bands which will be useful to future missions like LOX. 

When not doing astronomy (I’m told well-roundedness is important or whatever), I'm usually rollerskating when there isn’t snow on the ground, ice skating when there is, practicing mandolin, reading philosophy, immersing myself in a new art form, in the forest foraging for mushrooms and shooting arrows, or taking a spontaneous road trip.


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