Jason T Wright

I am an assistant professor of astronomy at Penn State.

I study stars, their atmospheres, their activity and their planets. I am a member of the California Planet Search consortium, and am a collaborator with the TEDI, the Triple-Spec Externally Dispersed Interferometer team.

I grew up near Bothell, WA, graduated from Brookline High School in 1995 and the Boston University Astronomy Department in 1999, where my thesis adviser was Dan Clemens.

I finished my PhD in 2006 with Geoff Marcy at UC Berkeley. My thesis included studies of stellar activity levels, their impact on radial velocity measurements, analyses of weak and long-period signals of exoplanets, and the Catalog of Nearby Exoplanets.

In 2006 I married Julia Miller Kregenow, who finished her PhD in astrophysics at Berkeley in May 2007.

Curriculum vitae (PDF)

ADS Bibliography

For Fall 2009 I am teaching a graduate seminar: The Science of Exopanets (Penn State internal link).  

I also maintain:

525 Davey Lab
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Penn State University
State College, PA 16801
(814) 863-8470