Propagation of Magnetized Neutron Stars Through the Interstellar Medium

Authors: Toropina O.D., Romanova M.M., Toropin Yu.M.,  Lovelace R.V.E.


We observed that accretion rate strongly decreases with increasing magnetic field This dependence may reflect the fact that a stronger magnetic field of the star deflects the incoming ISM flow more efficiently than weaker magnetic field. From the other side,
(Mach number M=3)

Results of simulations of motion of a magnetized star with magnetic field B*=14  through the ISM with Mach number  M=3. Magnetic field lines and velocity vectors are shown. The background represents the density. The thick line indicates the Alfven surface.

Results of simulations for M=10  and B*=14



Results of simulations for M=50  and B*=14

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