Virtual Skies online interactive program: the world of aviation

NASA has just released the new face of Virtual Skies, an online interactive program introducing the key concepts in the world of aviation in six independent modules.

Your students will acquire and employ decision-making and collaborative skills while applying principles of algebra, geometry and calculus in each of these modules.

The science portion of these cross-curricular materials includes concepts involved in RADAR, sound and meteorology as it applies to flight. Each section includes online activities complemented by downloadable print materials that can be used in the classroom to supplement the geography, mathematics and science concepts.

Note: Each module can be used as a stand-alone lesson.

Virtual Skies includes beautiful color graphics, problem-solving applications, a “Teacher’s Desk” guide to the online program, and an extensive glossary that supports and reinforces the concepts taught in the modules.

The Virtual Skies modules include:

Overview: A brief listing of the aviation topics covered in the selected module, supporting activities and a description of an application case study.
Tutorial: The curriculum subdivided by major topics.
Take Control: Interactive activities that reinforce knowledge and skills presented in the Tutorial.
You Decide: Case study simulations that provide an opportunity to use high-level cognitive skills to solve real-world scenarios.
Certification: 20-question, multiple-choice assessments to test knowledge and a printable NASA certificate of completion with individual’s name.
Virtual Skies is FREE to all users and can be found at

Virtual Skies is recommended for high school students, although college students and academically advanced middle schoolers also have found the site useful. After-school programs, home schools and civil aviation clubs have used Virtual Skies successfully as a supplement to their regular educational and enrichment programs.

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