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Cassini at Saturn Interactive Explorer

Keeping an Eye on Space Rocks - Asteroids and Comets as Near Earth Objects

Cool Cosmos video clips

Space Shuttle simulations

Spooky Sounds from Space

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Plant Growth Chamber Photo Gallery
Follow the growth of cinnamon basil seeds on the International Space Station with a gallery of images documenting the experiment from its very beginning. The gallery features images of astronaut Clayton Anderson's 20-day in-orbit experiment, including close-up views of the plants' growth. Students participating in the NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber can compare the growth of the plants on the space station with the growth of plants in their own growth chambers.

Growing the Future: Plants in Space Video
Watch as the crew of space shuttle mission STS-118 explains plant growth chambers they are delivering to the International Space Station. To help NASA, the astronauts invite students to participate in the plant growth chamber experiment. In the U.S. lab of the International Space Station, Expedition 15 Flight Engineer Clayton Anderson prepares the plant growth chambers for a 20-day plant growth experiment. Viewers observe how the tiny plants grew before the experiments were returned to Earth on shuttle mission STS-120.

The educational video clips listed below have been added to the Videos section of the NASA Educational Materials site. Click on the link below each list of video clips to access the videos online.

Designed for students in grades 5-12, these video clips from the Universe DVD let the viewer travel billions of years through time. The viewer watches the universe evolve from one primordial mass into the stars and galaxies seen today. These videos are narrated by William Shatner.

Titles in this series:
-- Scientists Use Observatories to Learn About the Sun
-- The Planets
-- A Look Beyond the Planets: Nebulae, Stars, Quasars and Galaxies
-- Lifecycle of a Star
-- The Evolving Universe
-- Is There Life Out There?: NASA's Search Continues

Targeting students in grades 5-12, the Liftoff to Learning: Plants in Space video clip series follows a group of students at an elementary school as they participate in an experiment on plant growth with space shuttle astronauts. Identical seed growth pouches are planted with corn and soybean seeds. Some of the seeds are germinated on Earth and others on the space shuttle in Earth orbit. Rather than drawing conclusions on the effects of microgravity on plant growth, viewers are invited to participate in the experiment by growing seeds on Earth as control experiments.

Titles in this series:
-- How Plants Grow in Space: The Effects of Gravity and Light
-- Tropisms of Plants in Space and on Earth
-- Why Scientists Study Plants in Space
-- Evaluating Experimental Treatment: Controls of Plants Growing in Space
-- Discussion Points About Growing Plants in Space

The video clips in the NASA's Destination Tomorrowв„ў: Bringing the Future into Focus series are designed for educators, parents, and students in 9-12 and college. These clips build on the premise that much of NASA's aeronautical research focuses on increasing today's knowledge to solve tomorrow's problems.

Titles in this series:

-- Helios, NASA's Unmanned, Remotely Powered Flying Wing
-- The Smart Probe, an Early Cancer Detection Tool
-- A Retrospective Look at the Gemini Program
-- Alleviating Aircraft Noise: The Quiet Aircraft Technology Program
-- Spacesuits and How They Work

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