Department of Astronomy
Cornell University

Special Symposium for the Friends of Astronomy

Friday, August 12

1:30 pm Welcome!
1:45 pm Ira Wasserman - Introduction: Yervant @ Cornell.
2:00 pm Phil Nicholson - History of the Cornell Astronomy Department.
2:30 pm Saul Teukolsky - The Discovery of Gravitational Waves.
3:00 pm Break.
3:15 pm Open House activities in the Department.
6:30 pm Reception and dinner (Ithaca Country Club). After dinner speaker: Jonathan Lunine - The Future of NASA.

Saturday, August 13

9:00 am Don Campbell - Discoveries with the Arecibo telescope.
9:30 am Steve Squyres - What the Rovers have taught us about Mars.
10:00 am Break.
10:30 am Lisa Kaltenegger - What we know and don't know about exoplanets.
11:00 am Panel discussion: Is there (Intelligent) Life in the Universe? Jim Cordes, Alex Hayes, Lisa Kaltenegger, Jonathan Lunine (moderator).
12:00 pm Lunch Break.
1:30 pm Dong Lai - Extreme Planets.
2:00 pm Panel discussion: The Future of Cosmology. David Chernoff, Ira Wasserman, Michael Niemack, Martha Haynes (moderator).
3:00 pm Jonathan Lunine - State of the Center.
3:15 pm Ira Wasserman - State of the Department.
3:30 pm More activities and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Party (AGN/grads).
6:30 pm Reception and dinner (Tribute to Yervant) (Ithaca Country Club). Co-hosts: Ira Wasserman and Chuck Mund, Jr.
For more information, please e-mail patricia at astro dot cornell dot edu.

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