Department of Astronomy
Cornell University

Special Symposium for the Friends of Astronomy
Cornell's Legacy of Arecibo Discoveries: Tribute to Don Campbell and Riccardo Giovanelli

Saturday, July 15, 2017
700 Clark Hall

9:00 am Welcome!
Carl Heiles (University of California, Berkeley): My Love Affair with Radio Telescopes, Large and Small.
Herb Carlson: Bill Gordon's Dream and the Nature of the Ionosphere.
Kristine Spekkens (RMCC/Queen's University): How Galaxies Form and Evolve.
Tom Bania (Boston University): Arecibo's View of the Interstellar Medium.
Jeremy Darling (University of Colorado): Cosmic Pancakes, Space Lasers, and Utter Darkness: Arecibo's Amazing Legacy of Bizarre Astrophysics.
12:00 pm Lunch Break in 701 Clark.
Lynn Carter (University of Arizona/Lunar and Planetary Lab) Venus.
John Salzer (Indiana University): Discovering Dark and 'Almost Dark' Galaxies.
Alex Wolszczan (Penn State University): Arecibo Telescope: The Ultimate Pulsar Machine
Patrick Taylor (Arecibo Observatory): TBD.
  Closing Remarks

Reception and Dinner
Cornell Botanic Gardens Nevins Welcome Center
5:00 pm - 8:30pm

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