Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

Tyler Pauly

Dr. Gregory Sloan / Professor Robin Garrod
Tyler  Pauly

Research Area:

Theoretical Astrophysics, Interstellar Chemistry

Research Projects:

Modelling Chemical Evolution of Interstellar Material


My research involves modelling dense interstellar clouds of dust, atomic and molecular species.  I work on matching observations of cold, dark clouds and young, small star formation areas called pre-stellar cores.  The model uses a system of modified rate equations to evolve a set of initial, mostly atomic conditions to a time in which complex molecules have formed, mostly through dust grain surface reactions. This research is used in the broader scheme to explain molecular formation at low temperatures, which can help to probe the physical and chemical conditions during star formation, as well as help to estimate the chemical content of forming solar systems like our own. 

Outside of research, I am a teaching assistant for the Astro 1101/1102 courses, and I participate in multiple outreach activities in the community, related to astronomy.  I am the Vice President of the Astronomy Grads Network (AGN), and the astronomy field representative in the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.  In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, fishing, and bowling.

Standing long jump PB: 2.15m