Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

Spring 2018

Course ID
Course Title
Our Solar System - Discussion
Steven W. Squyres,
Alexander Hayes
Our Solar System - Lab
Steven W. Squyres,
Alexander Hayes
The History of the Universe
Shami Chatterjee,
Martha P. Haynes
Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology
Dominik Riechers
Search for Life in the Universe
James M. Cordes,
Steven W. Squyres
The Life of Stars: From Birth to Death
Dong Lai
Data Analysis & Research Techniques in Astronomy
James P. Lloyd
Independent Study
Galactic Structure & Stellar Dynamics
David Chernoff,
Dominik Riechers
Astrophysical Processes
David Chernoff,
James M. Cordes
Physics of the Planets
Phillip D. Nicholson
Celestial Mechanics
Advanced Study & Research
Seminar: Exoplanets
Lisa Kaltenegger