MW 2:55 - 4:10pm         TBD

Prof. Dominik Riechers 220 Space Sci 255-3989 Office hours:TBD
Prof. Martha Haynes 530 Space Sci 255-0610 Office hours: TBD

Astro 3303 provides an overview of our current understanding of how galaxies have evolved over the last 13+ billion years and how their evolution has been influenced by their local intergalactic environment. We will look at the evidence that links supermassive black holes, gas accretion and merger events to galaxy evolution and tracks the star formation rate from early to current epochs. Additional topics will include the formation and distribution of clusters and groups of galaxies, the evidence for dark matter and how galaxy evolution fits into the framework of current cosmological models.

Class assignments will make use of current public databases like ALFALFA, the Virtual Astronomical Observatory and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We will also examine the possibilities for the exploration of galaxies across cosmic time with future facilities like JWST, ALMA, LSST, and CCAT.

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